Sunday, 12 October 2008

forum - week ? (i'm confused with all my subjects being skweiffed

Student Presentations = 3rd year goodness..

favourite this week was Mr Ben Proberts Max patch Fantastical Metal. I enjoyed it immensely for it's potential !! The only bad thing, is the patch doesn't work on my computer :(

i think in particular i liked the arpeggiator function which gave slightly jerky but consistent rhythym.
i just don't know what else to say it - was just nice !!!

That said everyone else was boring and tedious and i can't be bothered with even remembering what went on !!!

OK, that last bit was a joke :) Luke made nice timbre's, and the sequencing element showed potential if he gets it finalised. Will's game sound made me really want to play Half Life 2 as I was a big fan of Half Life and Counter Strike !!! David weirded me out with his sampled General Midi sounds, although the timbre of the melodic instrument was very pleasant - and he seemed to have done far too much programming on his patch !!!

This takes me to wax briefly on the imbalance that is Music Technology.
Why is it that 1/3 of a core subject can take more time than 2 other subjects in their entirety ???

Hmmmm, I'm looking forward to our consumer response surveys this year.

Music Technology Forum - Semester 2, Week 9 - Third Year presentations. University of Adelaide, South Australia, 18/09/2008.

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